SOME PEOPLE LOVE science fiction movies. Others are rabid sports fans. Me? I’m obsessed with saints of the Catholic Church, even while I wonder who God is.

I’m also a songwriter, and on this website, you will meet my favorite saints through songs, narratives, and vintage and modern artwork and photos. I researched the saints’ lives by reading books and traveling to other countries, and along the way, developed a true connection to each person featured here. Because the saints were people first.

I like saints who were big thinkers, spiritual explorers, heroes, and strugglers. Each of them made a real contribution to human thought and history. I’m interested in their minds and feelings and how they answered the question “What does it mean to be part of the universe?”

I myself ponder that question and look for answers. So, here I tell the saints’ stories in my own way and share what I learned from them. Regardless of your own spiritual yearnings (or lack of them), maybe you will learn something from the saints, too.