I am a singer-songwriter, so the saint pages on this blog start with songs I wrote with inspiration from the lives of my favorite saints and travels related to their lives. Musician Steve Dawson arranged, produced, and engineered the recordings (and played most of the instruments; see performance credits below). “Never Coming Out” was recorded by both Paul Coady and Steve Dawson. Songs were mastered by Peter Andreadis, except for “Euphrosyne,” “If,” and “Theos” (mastered by Carl Saff), and “Never Coming Out” (mastered by Steve Dawson).

You can stream each song for free on this site. To purchase downloads or the Halos Are History or If CDs that contain the songs, please visit www.KathyGreenholdt.com.

The song lyrics are on this page.

Performance Credits

Me (Kathy Greenholdt): vocals; electric guitar on “Euphrosyne” and “If”; acoustic rhythm guitar on “Theos,” “Quiet Cecilia,” “Edie,” “Desire: The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa of Avila,” and “Never Coming Out.” Melissa Bach: cello (including arrangement) on “Quiet Cecilia.” Gregg Ostrom: trombone (including arrangement) on “Prayer to Saint Therese of Lisieux.” Steve Dawson: backing vocals on “Theos” and “Never Coming Out” and all other instrumental parts, including acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel, bass, drums and other percussion, harmonica, piano, organ, mellotron, harmonium, Tibetan tingsha bells, and effects. The water sound on “Bernadette” is from the rain that was coming down outside the studio while we were recording that song. On “From My Window,” the sounds of children playing and church bells ringing were recorded on my handheld digital recorder when I was in Montserrat, Spain in October 2013. (Amy Russell, sorry about the cowbell. . . .)


PHOTO: The Halos Are History launch concert at the Filament Theatre, Chicago (photo by David Sameshima)