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Saint Clare of Assisi

Posted on May 15, 2020

Music Video: If Assisi is an Italian hilltop village of medieval homes and churches. Birds soar overhead, and scenic countryside views are plentiful. It’s gorgeous. Every year, tourists of every (or no) spiritual outlook descend on the small town to visit the beautiful basilica dedicated to Francis, one of the world’s most popular Catholic saints, who promoted peace and justice while founding the Franciscan religious order. In 2019, I traveled to Assisi and planned to see the basilica. But, I also hoped to learn more about another saint — Clare — who was Francis’ first female follower. Who Was Clare? In 1194 Chiara (Clare) Offreduccio was born into one of Assisi’s noble clans. In medieval society, aristocratic families like Clare’s reigned over the feudal…