Statue of Julian of Norwich by David Holgate, west front, Norwich Cathedral, England


Excerpt from a mid-15th Century publication of Julian’s book

Stained glass window (detail) of Julian of Norwich with a cat, Norwich Cathedral (photo by Jules & Jenny/Wikimedia Commons)


An excerpt from Margery Kempe’s autobiography, detailing her visit to “Dame Jelyan,” c. 1440


Mother Julian of Norwich, Church of Saints Andrew and Mary, near Langham, England (by Evelyn Simak/Wikimedia Commons)


St. Julian’s Church, Norwich, England (by Charles Hutchins/Wikimedia Commons)


Title page from a 1907 edition of Julian’s book


My husband Paul (shadow) taking a photo of me in the bubble on a snowy, but sunny, day


Inside my bubble on an especially snowy Chicago day, with Julian to accompany me


“Winter still life” of Amy Frykholm’s book about Julian and my reading glasses inside the bubble


One of my cats, Filemon, sunbathing and spending time in the bubble with me

First page of my bubble journal (amusing factual error: bubble was actually 12’x12′)

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